Agistment is a stepping stone for new owners, in which you house your alpacas on another person's land. It gives new owners the opportunity to ease into raising alpacas while gaining confidence and planning for their new farm. 

People seeking a change of lifestyle with farming or ranching often get their start through agistment. They can be people starting out in adult life together or people planning for retirement. They often see agistment as a stepping stone to a new future. One that allows them to build up stock in readiness for a launch into something bigger when they are ready.

Agistment is also an option for those who don't plan to own property or don't have the expertise or time to maintain a herd but wish to invest in alpacas for fleece and breeding purposes. The agreement between the agistor and agistee protects the owner's investment, making sure their alpacas are properly cared for.






















At Aargau Alpacas we provide agistment for buyers who wish to own alpacas but do not have their farm in order or do not wish to own a farm at all, and perhaps, just wish to own an alpaca for investment considerations without the hands-on day-to-day care required.  We can provide a space for your specific needs at a very reasonable cost.  Together we can work out your particular agistment situation and alpaca ownership goals, while assuring that your investment is given excellent care.  












  Green lush pastures provide appropriate grazing requirements to insure proper nutrition


Agistment fees are $3.50 per day per animal.  If you have multiple animals boarded with us the subsequent alpacas' fees will be $2.50 per day


The agistment service provides for all animal husbandry including:

  • daily and routine general care

  • feed

  • vaccinations

  • teeth and toe-nail trimming

  • shearing

  • worm testing and deworming (as required)

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